I found spaghetti squash in the UK!

OK – so the good news (and astounding news) is that I found spaghetti squash here in the UK.

We were in Tunbridge Wells and looking in the grocers on Camden Road when we saw a mixture of squashes. I asked if they had spaghetti squash and the assistant pointed out the yellow longer squash to me. I said I’d looked everywhere before but not found them, and she said someone had come in last week asking for them so she got a batch in. I bought a couple which came to about £2.50.

Spaghetti squash

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to make spaghetti bolognese last night. Does that sound as sad as I think!?

I googled how to prepare the squash and was pretty pleased with my efforts…

Prepared spaghetti squash

I’d preheated the oven to 200C and after drizzling the squashes with olive oil and sprinking them with salt and garlic pepper, I placed them face down on a baking tray and put them in the oven with the proudness of a parent sending their kid off to school for the first time.

However, I’m very sad to say that the proudness turned to shame as when I took the squashes out after 40 minutes, turned them over and started to scrape the insides with a fork, I was greeted with a mushy mush, rather than spaghetti looking strands. :(

It was clear I’d over cooked them. Clearly I was in no mood to take the iphone out and capture the evidence on film disk!

After doing a tad more googling it would appear that the common view is that they should have been cooked for about 20 to 25 minutes (or when you can prod the skins and there’s a soft feeling). NOT the 40 minutes I had killed them for!

Oh well… at least I know where to get them from now! And I may have learned from this epic paleo fail!



  1. Able and Cole also have them when they’re in season, and I tend to order a few each week when they are!

  2. Noel Disbury says:

    before reading this recipe I had seen this one with butternut squash, you could’ve made this with the mushed squash.
    is flour paleo tho???

    • Hi Noel
      Well, it depends what is sued to make the flour. Wheat or semolina is definitely NOT paleo. In fact, I’d say wheat amounts to the Satan of the Paleo world!
      A great Paleo alternative for pasta is simply made by frying very thin slithers of sweet potato in coconut oil (or butter) with some herbs. Simple, and very tasty (if a little time consuming slicing the sweet potato by hand!).

  3. Hi I’m pretty new to the whole paleo thing but I’ve been using a julienne peeler to cut the sweet potato and it very quick and easy (and tasted great with a little sage)

    • Martyn Rowe says:

      Hi Katie
      Yes – you can’t beat sage with sweet potato pasta! Add some nice decent butter (like Kerrygold) too when you fry the sweet potato.

  4. If your going to use butter, I suggest doing research into using ghee instead.
    Gana Padano (hard cheese) is zero carbs.
    Cashew nut-butter is a good substitute for peanut-butter (NO PEANUTS ON PALEO!!!)
    Waiting for my cheap spaghetti slicer from China, to make my courgette spaghetti bolognaise.

  5. Hi Martyn,

    I’ve been on an epic search for the spaghetti squash, what’s the name of the green grocers you got these from?

    many thanks


  6. This diet is complete bullshit. Just eat a good balance diet and don’t have a heart attack.

    • Martyn Rowe says:

      Sorry you feel that way Coolam. But this REALLY is about having a balanced diet and just cutting out the processed and un-natural foods/chemicals.


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