Bulletproof coffee… wow!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter then you’ll know just how much I’ve been shouting about how great Bulletproof coffee is. Let me first of all say, that when we went Paleo we cut out caffeine completely. I’ve always been quite jittery on caffeine, but have also always loved coffee, so when I stumbled across Bulletproof coffee I decided to give it a go.
Bulletproof Coffee

So, what exactly is Bulletproof coffee?

Put quite simply, Bulletproof coffee is a cup of coffee made from quality beans mixed with grassfed butter and either coconut oil or MCT oil (more about that later!).

At first this sounds absolutely disgusting… and there are other alternatives talked about on the web – such as Mark Sisson’s Primal Egg Coffee that uses eggs instead of butter (also delicious!) – but nothing I’ve found yet beats the original idea of the Bulletproof coffee.

What are the benefits of Bulletproof coffee?

The inventor of Bulletproof coffee, Dave Asprey, says he discovered the benefits of butter when he was at 18,000 feet in Tibet and had a creamy cup of yak butter tea.

Unsalted grass fed butter provides great levels of healthy saturated fats, and as such will keep you full for ages, but it doesn’t contain the damaging denatured casein proteins found in cream. It really does make the creamiest, non-cream coffee you will ever have!

So, what’s the point of the coconut oil or MCT oil?

MCTs are medium-chain triglycerides. These are found in coconut oil but are about 6 times stronger in pure MCT oil.

MCT is a very healthy fat, which bypasses the normal process of digestion and fat break down. It goes straight to the liver where it is metabolized and acts more like a carbohydrate, providing instant and sustained energy for your body. So… perfect for Bulletproof coffee.

If you do some searches on the web you’ll see that some people have some side effects with MCT, such as stomach cramps… and the need to get to the toilet quite quickly… but we haven’t found this.

If you can’t get hold of MCT oil (we get ours from Amazon in the UK), then just go for standard coconut oil (a tablespoon will do).

Which butter to use?

Pure unsalted grassfed is by far the best – but this is nigh on impossible to find here in the UK! We love Kerrygold butter, which is reportedly 100% grassfed, but the only type available in supermarkets near us is salted. We started making our Bulletproof coffees with this, and it was really, really creamy – but the slight taste of salt really took away from the coffee flavour.

So, the next best option is organic unsalted butter. There are a couple of main choices available to us in our supermarkets – Rachel’s Organic and Yeo Valley. Rachel’s Organic was OK, but not that creamy at all. Whereas Yeo Valley really is creamy.

For a butter to be considered as organic, the cows need to be grassfed for at least 60% of the year. I’ve read some good articles on the web that have researched just how much Rachel’s Organic and Yeo Valley use grass feed for their cows, and would seem that 60% is probably on the low side. So, I think the unsalted nature of Yeo Valley outweighs the saltiness of the creamier Kerrygold.

We’d love to know others think, or if you have found any other better brands in the UK.

Which coffee to use?

The better the quality of the coffee, then quite clearly the better the quality the Bulletproof coffee will be. I wouldn’t even try to make this with instant coffee… but then again, I don’t think I’ll be going back to instant coffee anytime soon anyway!

We freshly grind our coffee beans and use a cafetiere (french press).

How we make our Bulletproof coffee

Once you get in a routine of making Bulletproof coffee it couldn’t be easier…

  • Whilst the kettle is boiling I grind the beans and get everything ready.
  • We use abut 80g of butter for coffee that fills our 8 cup cafetiere – so I cut this from the block and set aside on a plate.
  • Once the kettle has boiled I pour some boiling water in to a 1 litre measuring jug to warm it up. This was a key learning! If you mix the coffee with the butter in a cold jug then you end up with tepid coffee. Yuck!
  • I then make the coffee in the cafeteire and leave to brew – normally for about 4 minutes (we like it strong!)
  • Once the coffee has brewed I empty the measuring jug and put in the butter and 2 tablespoons of MCT oil, before pouring in the coffee.
  • Using a hand blender I then mix together completely. It’s pretty easy to tell when everything has combined nicely. Take about 15 or 20 seconds normally.

And that’s it! You could also add cinnamon or other spices… but so far I’ve kept it clean. We’d love to know how you make yours though!



  1. Adam Russell says:

    Just to say there is a higher percent grass fed butter that waitrose.com supply
    Isigny unpasteurised


    • Martyn Rowe says:

      Thanks Adam.
      I haven’t seen Isigny in our local Waitrose yet. Have you seen it in store? What’s it like? How does it compare to Kerrygold?

      • David Smith says:

        Just as a quick heads up…. I read fairly often about people from the UK having issues finding grass-fed meats and butter…. I’m Paleo and from the UK, and basically, you need to get your head around this idea:

        ALL the butter and meat in the UK is grass fed! ALL of it! See all those cows eating grass out in the fields? We don’t get the grain subsidy issues like in the USA, and on top of that, it’s simply easier and cheaper to feed them grass here. There’s no point labeling it grass fed, because all of it is!

        Now, that’s not the whole story of course: If your cow has been slaughtered or milked at a “lean” time of the year when grass is sparse, it will have been fed supplemental silage or hay… Some are fed on soy, and millet etc.

        Organic, high quality meat and dairy is more important than worrying about a 100% grass fed lifestyle. Even then, our farming standards with regards to hormones and antibiotics are extremely stringent after the BSA scare.

        UK meat is pretty top notch, even from the supermarkets… Buy seasonally and locally and you’ll be fine.

        (I’m not a farmer!! Just a Paleo guy who had to do a lot of research…)


  1. […] To rewards myself I made some bullet proof coffee as learnt from our friends at Going Paleo. It was really good. I was sceptical as I didn’t really enjoy Mark Sisson’s egg yolk coffee but this was really good. The only thing is that as there is no milk there is no sweetness at all so you may want to add honey or sugar afterwards. Check out the recipe here. […]

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