Where we buy grass fed meat online in the UK

Our shopping habits really have changed since going Paleo. I’ve posted before about how we now buy our weekly shopping from a range of places (in our ‘10 things we’ve learnt since going Paleo‘ post).
But probably the one thing I never thought we’d do is buy meat online. Just the thought of it filled me with dread and fear initially. I love to see (and feel!) what I’m buying – particularly when it comes to fresh meat.

But with one of the keys of the Paleo diet being to eat as good a quality of meat as possible, and grass fed wherever possible, it soon became clear that buying meat online was not only the most convenient option, but also the cheapest option too.

After plenty of Googling and research I ended up starting what’s been a very happy (and nutritious!) relationship with Athleat.

The main reason I buy from Athleat is simply their range of products. Whereas many of the other sites I visited seemed to do various cuts of meat, Athleat has a much wider range and their selection boxes have a real mixture of meats. They do a great number of regular offers too – this month for instance I saved over £30 from my normal £200 bill.

I researched Athleat quite a bit before I bought from them, to check where they source their meat from and just to double check that the meat is all grass fed or pastured. Their customer service is great and they got back to me pretty much immediately.


I was really concerned about how well the meat would be delivered – and how quickly. But so far it’s been pretty much a 2 or 3 working day delivery time from when I’ve ordered. Not bad at all!

You can leave delivery instructions too – and with the box not being very small for a monthly lot of meat, it always means the delivery driver leaves it behind our side gate.

Each item is sealed and everything sits in a cardboard box wrapped with insulating material with freezer bags keeping everything cold for up to 48 hours accordingly to the information in the box.

Athleat delivery

Athleat delivery - cold bags

On 2 occasions so far the box has been slightly ripped with a hole in the bottom due to the build up of moisture, but there’s been no affects on the meat at all.

Here’s this month’s delivery…

My monthly Athleat delivery

What do we spend a month?

To give you an idea of cost, this delivery consisted of the following for about £175…

  • 20 chicken breasts (they are HUGE!)
  • 6 steak mince (460g each)
  • 6 pork loin steaks (8oz each)
  • 6 beef rump steaks (10oz each)
  • 6 chicken sweet chilli burgers (8oz each)
  • 12 beef steak burgers (8oz each)
  • 6 rib eye steaks (6oz each)

Now, because they had a Halloween offer on I got a discount on the 6 pack items – but still, even if this was £200 I wouldn’t have grumbled. (If you read this Athleat it doesn’t mean I don’t want more offers!)

I supplement what I buy from Athleat with meat from our local butcher for things like sausages or chicken for roast dinner. To be honest I’d buy everything locally if I could, but there’s no way it would be as cheap as the above.

I’m not going to lie.. this post has been a bit of an advert for Athleat – but so far I’ve got no reason to really not recommend them for anyone that wants to follow a Paleo diet. Visit them and have a look around – don’t just take my word for it!

If you use the following link you can get a 10% discount – and I will also receive reward points from them too :)

Visit Athleat.co.uk




  1. Looks good may have to give them a try. I use Roaming Roosters who are excellent and will give you free grass fed bones for stock if you ask!

  2. Martyn Rowe says:

    Their site looks great Jan – thanks for the info. May have to try them out this month!

  3. Michelle Kay says:

    Thought you may be interested in this. Please share if you are! Thanks


    • Hi
      Thanks for dropping by and letting us know about this. I’d heard before about the pop-up but didn’t know about the kickstarter plans!

  4. I was under the impression most meat sold in the UK was grass fed?

    • Martyn Rowe says:

      Hi Matt
      What gave you that impression? I think from the quality of the meat it’s easy to tell how well the animal was fed. And so far the meat I have seen as ‘grass fed’ has looked much better (and tasted better) than that not ‘labelled’ as grass fed.

    • Hi, I run a meat business called Heritage foods specialising in grass fed meats. I have attached a link to a blog post about the benefits of eating grass fed meats. It explains that much of the beef in the UK is grain fed. Even if a company refers to its meat as ‘grass fed’ this does not inform you of if the animals were exclusively grass fed (very scarce) If an animals is not exclusively grass fed it is usually ‘finished’ on cereals and therefore will lose all the grass fed qualities and health benefits I list in my article. http://www.heritagefoods.co.uk/introducing-pasture-fed

  5. I have just put in my first order – so hope to have great meat and delivered on time – will let you know

  6. Andrew Duff says:

    Hi Martyn,

    Was just looking at Athleat and couldnt actually see on their website specifically where they source their meat from. With the research you have done I was wondering if you could let me know the origin?

    Kind regards,


    • Martyn Rowe says:

      From what I know it’s a range of farms in Scotland. I did contact them previously to ask – so I’m sure they won’t mind if you do too to put your mind at rest.

  7. Hi Martyn,
    Thanks so much for the great post on your Athleat order. I just came across your post, we love to customer feedback :)

    (We will make a note that you like our offers)

    Andrew if you have any specific traceability questions then please let me know and I will give you all the information I can.


  8. So glad to have come across your site. Was having major problems finding 100% grass fed beef etc on the high street, mainly due to the criminal nature of UK food labeling. Discovering that ‘Organic’ actually means “at least 85% organic”, is outrageous! I suffer from Hidradenitis and will be starting an elimination diet in January. It is imperative that I not ingest grains of any kind during this time, so THANK you for the info on Athleat!

  9. hi, if anyone is in the northwest of the country Gazegills Organic farm is brilliant, they have a website, you can visit the farm or order online and pick up at farm. meat is lovely and reasonably priced. the farm is a great day out! located in Rimington near Clitheroe. thats the meat sorted now veggies and fruit we get at Unicorn Grocery organic co-operative in Chorlton-cum-hardy. its a vegan shop so please don’t ask for feta cheese like my hubby did!! lovely fresh produce and the cheapest place around for coconut oil, dried fruits, nuts and seeds


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