The UK’s First Paleo Diet Restaurant May Be Close!

First paleo restaurant

You may have seen recently that someone commented on our ‘where we buy our grassfed meat‘ post with a link to a kickstarter project looking to open the UK’s first complete Paleo Diet restaurant.

The driving force behind the project is Holly Redman who first opened a monthly pop-up restaurant in Haywards Heath in February this year.

Holly’s certainly got some great plans, and is over half way to making the £30k she needs. We haven’t had a chance to go to the monthly pop-up yet (which you already have to book well in advance for), but would love to soon. Having a full blown Paleo restaurant in London would be even better though!

Please join me in helping Holly achieve her dream!

Head on over to kickstarter to check out Holly’s plans and make a pledge.



  1. Agree a restaurant in London that is pure Paleo would be great, we recently created a post about this and were struggling to really find a dedicated place with loads of choice. Wish Holly all the success

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