Paleo just feels normal now

It’s been far too long since our last post. Things have been really busy with work and at home, and although the to-do list of posts has been growing and growing, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and post. But hopefully that will change and I’ll get back to a normal routine of at least a couple of posts a week.

Although it’s been quiet here on the site I’ve tried to keep the posts going on Facebook, and it’s great to see that we’re almost at 100 likes. In fact we’re just one away. It really is great when we see each new like – and the even better news is that we’ve only had 2 unlikes so far! :)

So anyway, the title of this post kind of gives away how we’re feeling about Paleo right now. It’s just normal. Gone are the days of wondering what to eat, how to survive without bread for instance, and how to have a meal without potatoes or pasta. I guess sweet potatoes fill that last gap quite easily… but they’re becoming more of a rarity these days too, as both me and Wendy are slipping more in to a very low carb, ketogenic diet.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or have been at this site before, then you’ll be well aware of our new found love of bulletproof coffee. It really has replaced breakfast for us now. My normal routine is a large mug of bulletproof coffee at about 7am which gets me awake and ready for the mile and a half walk to the train station. Once on the train, my excellent Contigo flask (that’s NOT a sponsored link btw!) rewards me with another mugs-worth (is that a word?!) of coffee. When I started with this routine I was getting really hungry by about 9 o’clock, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I normally start to feel slightly hungry at about 10 o’clock – but some days this will be more like 11. And it’s not an old style of hunger where I feel that ‘my god I’ve GOT to eat’. It’s more of a feeling within the stomach that just says it’s empty (that may sound strange… or it may make a lot of sense to you!).

Then comes leakfast. There… I’ve invented a new word. It’s not brunch, it’s not a snack, it just feels like a lat breakfast – or leakfast! This is normally 3 boiled eggs and half an avocado. Sometimes I’ll have a couple of chicken thighs too. Even without the chicken this really fills me up to well after 1pm.

Then, it’s normally a salad for lunch – lots of lettuce, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms, with turkey breast or ham.

Dinner is always meat with broccoli, kale, other veggies, and maybe sweet potato a couple of times a week.

My main luxury at the moment is dark chocolate. This may be down to the lack of carbs elsewhere, but I’m good and keep it to Green and Black’s 85% dark chocolate. In the evening’s I also treat the kids with whipped double cream and frozen strawberries and bananas a few times a week.

And that about covers the diet side of things. We’ve pretty much cut out the nut based treats now. A couple of months ago I seemed to be spending all my time in the kitchen baking almond based treats. Now though, they really are a treat.

I’ve also been spending whatever free time I’ve had researching diet more and more. I had a cholesterol test at the GP’s which led me to buy Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity (a post on that whole episode will be up soon!)… and right now I’ve almost finished reading Wheat Belly. What a book that is! Definitely a post to follow on that one!



  1. How do you find doing Keto and Paleo? I’m really keen to try it and I’ve slowly been decreasing my carbs. My only issue is getting enough fat in my diet with little carbs, I don’t eat cheese and the only dairy I consume is grass fed butter which limits you on the fat-front does it not?

    Any tips would be much appreciated :) Keep up the good work on the blog!


    • Martyn Rowe says:

      Hi Hannah.
      If you love grassfed butter then go for the bulletproof coffee. Like I said, it really does fill you up. Avocado would help too, and lots more protein to satiate you.

  2. Joanne Whitham says:

    Just wanted SOMEONE to hear my good news. My friends all think my paleo diet is amusing, but are remarking on the double chins I’ve lost! I went paleo via Atkins because I was fed up of pestering the GP about IBS, energy loss after eating and weight gain. After starting with IBS 16 years ago, it became worse and worse,leading to nighttime sprints to the loo. Blood tests revealed nothing wrong and the doc shrugged her shoulders. Meanwhile I took matters into my own hands and went cold turkey paleo. I was amazed that within 2 weeks the IBS stopped dead. But I was suffering 24/7 tiredness, I was about to give up and suddenly I got my mojo back… feel like I did 20 years ago, minus the double chins!!!! The whole thing has changed my life…..Now paleo is every day for me…..I don’t really understand why everyone isn’t doing it.!!!

    • Hi Joanne
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and sharing your experience!
      It’s really great to hear that you persevered and got over the initial hump of tiredness.
      And I think we know why everybody isn’t doing it… they either don’t know about it, or have been too sucked in by conventional wisdom (ie. marketing from the processed food companies!).

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