Ditch the cardio to lose weight

You may have already seen this if you follow us on Facebook, but I thought it was well worth posting here too.

Exercise pyramid

It’s amazing how this demonstrates exactly the same view Paleo followers have of the conventional food pyramid too. ie. we flip it upside down.

I used to run about 20 miles a week, do very few weight or strength exercises, eat lots of carbs, eat no saturated fats… and yet my weight kept on creeping up. I then shifted to low carbs, high saturated fat, high protein, lots of body weight exercises and intensive workouts (mainly as Taekwon-Do training)… and now I’ve shifted over a stone in 9 months.

If only everyone realised just how easy it can be!



  1. 14 lbs in 9 months sounds veryslow, when I switched to 1st high fat then paleo shifted 3.5 stone in less then 4 months went from 30% body fat 10 12% with only 4 sessions of resistance of 30 mins a week, cost me lots in new trousers :)

    • Hi Chris
      It kind of depends on what your start position is! I’m more than happy 14lbs in 9 months as I wasn’t overweight in the first place. I was 5foot10 and just under 12 stone with about 9% body fat. I’m now about 6% body fat, and just under 11 stone. Like you though I’ve still needed to buy new clothes!
      All the best…

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