The Paleo Diet was the leading diet on Google in 2013

The rise of the Paleo diet continues as details of the top exercise and diet searches have been released by Google for last year.Unless you've been living in a cave for the last couple of years (in which case you've been VERY paleo!), then I'm sure you would have heard of the Insanity Workout. … [Continue reading]

The UK’s First Paleo Diet Restaurant May Be Close!

First paleo restaurant

You may have seen recently that someone commented on our 'where we buy our grassfed meat' post with a link to a kickstarter project looking to open the UK's first complete Paleo Diet restaurant.The driving force behind the project is Holly Redman who first opened a monthly pop-up restaurant in … [Continue reading]

Paleo granola

Paleo granola

It can sometimes feel like eggs are the only thing you can have for breakfast when following a Paleo or Primal diet (apart from bacon that is!).Here's a lifeline for you... simple Paleo granola. It really is easy to make - it only takes about 40 … [Continue reading]

Ditch the cardio to lose weight

Exercise pyramid

You may have already seen this if you follow us on Facebook, but I thought it was well worth posting here too.It's amazing how this demonstrates exactly the same view Paleo followers have of the conventional food pyramid too. ie. we flip it … [Continue reading]

Where we buy grass fed meat online in the UK

My monthly Athleat delivery

Our shopping habits really have changed since going Paleo. I've posted before about how we now buy our weekly shopping from a range of places (in our '10 things we've learnt since going Paleo' post). But probably the one thing I never thought we'd … [Continue reading]

I found spaghetti squash in the UK!

Prepared spaghetti squash

OK - so the good news (and astounding news) is that I found spaghetti squash here in the UK.We were in Tunbridge Wells and looking in the grocers on Camden Road when we saw a mixture of squashes. I asked if they had spaghetti squash and the … [Continue reading]

The myth of saturated fats and cholesterol leading to heart disease exploded. You have to watch this!

You may have seen me retweet this on Twitter this week?It's a documentary aired on ABC in Australia this week that really does bring together a range of excellent experts including Dr Michael Eades to explode the myths created over the last 40 … [Continue reading]

Half of the UK’s food manufacturers sign up to reduce sat fats. God no!

If you follow us on Facebook you may have already seen my rant yesterday... but here it is for those of you that have missed it... OK - a long post I'm afraid - I need a rant! We've woken up with nothing but saturated fats in the news again! So far … [Continue reading]

Sweden gets it right and adopts low-carb dietary guidelines

This article from Health Impact News has been doing the rounds on Twitter over the last couple of days - so let's hope it snowballs as the news spreads!The independent Swedish Council on Health Technical Assessment reviewed over 16,000 studies … [Continue reading]

Paleo just feels normal now

It's been far too long since our last post. Things have been really busy with work and at home, and although the to-do list of posts has been growing and growing, I just haven't had the time to sit down and post. But hopefully that will change and … [Continue reading]


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